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Ken Arok & Ken Dedes

Ken Arok & Ken Dedes

This love story, Ken Arok and Ken Dedes began when Ken Arok helped Tunggul Ametung that in a robbery (the truth is the robbers are Ken Arok self beneath).

At the moment, while Ken Arok saw Ken Dedes that a wife from Tunggul Ametung, at that place too a love was sprout “Love at the first sight”.

One day, when Ken Arok visited Tunggul Ametung house, with not deliberate he saw Ken Dedes heel because of her cloth was opened. And then Ken Arok remembered a devine inspiration that Ken Dedes was his mate. After that, he determined to have Ken Dedes him self. Then, Ken Arok arranged a plan to kill Tunggul Ametung for the sake to had Ken Dedes alone.

And he ordered bladed dagger from Empu Gadring. Probably. The process to made a bladed dagger was have to wait for a long time and Ken Arok was not a patient person to wait. And then he came to Empu Gandring and forced him to give it away. Because of he did not want to gave that bladed dagger, then Ken Arok kill Empu Gandring with a bladed dagger that he made. But, before he died he cursed that bladed dagger require seven soul again.

Finally, Ken Arok could kill Tunggul Ametung and married with Ken Dedes. But, in history of Singosary kingdom, Empu Gandring’s bladed dagger complete the cursed to swallow up the victim that continues Singosary Kingdom and Ken Arok included that.

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